A “side” project..

by Zoe on July 4, 2012

It’s true… I am passionately in love with sewing…. I feel SO blessed that God has given me this gift and allowed me to discover it! I have always been “creative.” Not an artist…. both my mom and oldest daughter are artists. Me, I have a “good eye” for things. When I was younger I loved “interior decorating.” Before HGTV and the internet. I would spray paint everything! LOL I am surprised of the things that I did “back in the day.” Anyway…. I am not doing a househol “side” project…. but a pleasure sew.. at least I hope that it will be a pleasure sew. LOL I have also been blessed with an hourglass shape…. if I don’t have to wear clothes that is… I have been working out more lately…. trying to tone up my muscles and burn some fat cells. I have noticed that my muscles respond quicker than the fat burns off….. so, I’m in that awkward stage where it appears that you are “bulking.” I recently read an article online… here. It’s about the bar method of working out… I’m not doing the bar method.. I’m doing the Jillian Michael’s and Spin bike method. LOL  This paragraph stood out to me “Muscle hypertrophy [growth of muscle fiber]…may be observed.” The effect of this change can be scary. Butts and thighs that had easily conformed to the shape of whatever piece of clothing they were being shoved into now start pushing back against the fabric with a shape of their own.” Um… yea… My butt and thighs are defineatly pushing back!” LOL I swear I have a point to all of this…. I ALWAYS dread shopping for jeans, pants and especially shorts!  I despise shorts so much that I own only a few pairs that fit… eh. Sewing your own can be fantastic IF you can get the right fit…. most commercial patterns can be challenging… sigh… SO I was ecstatic when I stumbled across Tasia, from Sewaholic.net.  She has recently created a new sewing pattern for “trousers and shorts” for the pear shaped (or hour glassed) woman! WOOHOO! So…. that is what I am working on the side…. I started the process last night.

Ironing the pattern, deciding what size to trace. Yes, I transfer all my patterns so that I don’t have to cut into the pattern and waste the other sizes that are included. I have a roll of swedish tracing paper that I use.  So I was able to get it traced and cut….. I still have to buy the fabric for them… but I will sew a muslin first to make sure I have prepped the right size. I’ll keep y’all posted on my progress! It will take a bit longer than normal b/c I have orders to fill and they are the priority. 😀

(p.s. I have not been compensated in any way by the links and products that I have shared in the above post)

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