Thanksgiving Eve….

by Zoe on November 24, 2011

What a crazy week. My daughter has been sick. Well, she has had this lingering cough for about 5 weeks. It would come and go.. come and go… finally, I took her to see the pediatrician. They told me to start her on Claritin. It seemed to help for a couple of days then all of a sudden was much worse. :/ So, I took her back to the Doctor; bronchitis. Breathing treatment, antibiotics, and a inhaler. :( I do think that she is on her way back to her normal self…..YAY!

I have been trying to get some sewing projects wrapped up. I had a couple of “custom” orders and decided to make my niece’s Christmas present. Sorry, I can’t say what it is… her mom may pop in and read and I want it to be a surprise. ( Between all of that and caring for my sick little one… I have not been able to complete the tea pot cozy tutorial… I do promise.. it’s coming soon!

I only have to cook a few items for our Thanksgiving dinner; the turkey, stuffing, and gravy. I went ahead and decided to make a dessert. I am a REAL sucker for pumpkin. ๐Ÿ˜€ Have you heard of Pinterest? Well, I have a whole section reserved for “All about Pumpkin!” My library holds 272 pins and counting… Now, that’s a ton of pumpkin.

Any way, being Thanksgiving Eve and all… I decided to test out one of my “Pin.’s :) I decided to make “Pumpkin Dump cake.” Ok, seriously, some things should be illegal because they are sooooo good! This “cake” is like pumpkin pie, yellow cake and a cinnamon crumb cake all rolled into one! I just hope that there is some left to share tomorrow! ๐Ÿ˜‰

Happy Thanksgiving Y’all!

P.S. I still need 25 “likes” on my facebook page to be able to offer a give away!

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