Repost! Tea Wallet Tutorial- 6 bags

by Zoe on November 9, 2011

**Update: I thought with the Holidays just around the corner that I’d repost my 6 bag. 5 sweetener/ creamer slot tea wallet! I have just added a downloadable pdf file of the webpage. **

Hey yall! This is my VERY first attempt at a sewing tutorial. I am very excited to share this with you all. My mom is a “serious” tea drinker, she came to me several weeks ago and asked me if I might be able to create a tea wallet that hold 6 tea bags. We have seen a few floating around but I wanted to put my own spin on it….. Here it is! Updated…. I have used a html to pdf converter to convert this web page to a .pdf file to enable downloads to your computer. I know that it’s a rather large file to print out….

2 fat quarters (pre-washed and dried and pressed) (can be alike or contrasting; I used contrasting colors/patterns)
fusible interface (light to medium weight)
1 snap (and all of it’s parts) I used a kamsnap press.

I use a rotary cutter and a cutting mat, but it’s not necessary, regular scissors will work just fine. Cut your two pieces of fabric  9 1/2 ” (on the fold) by 7 1/4″ OR 19 inches by 7 1/4 laid flat. There seems to be A LOT of confusion about this.

Next you will want to cut two (if you are using the same fabric for the external and internal portions of the wallet) or one from each contrasting fabric 6′ x 3′. (from the left over fabric you have)

Plus two pieces of fusible interfacing 6″ x 3″.

Should look like the photo below

If you have not pressed your main pieces of fabric; do so now.

Match the 19″ and 7 1/4″ pieces right sides together. (these are the two 9 1/2 ” by 7 1/4″  pieces that you cut on the fold.

Fuse one piece of interfacing to each of the 6″ x 3″  pieces of fabric. (“bumpy” side of interface goes to the wrong side of the fabric… bumpy side = sticky once heated)

Pin Right sides together on 3 sides leaving one of the 3″ sides open. (Paying close attention to any words or prints that need to be positioned a certain way)

Stitch the 3 pinned sides at 1/4″ seam allowance. (All stitching is 1/4″ for the entire wallet)

Cut the corner as shown below taking special care NOT to cut through your stitches.

Turn right side out and press. Making sure to push those corners out.

Top stitch around the 3 sewn sides at 1/4″ and set aside.

Stitch main fabric pieces right sides together leaving 2″ to 3″ open to enable you to turn it right side out. (see next 3 photos)

Press, taking special care to ensure the 2-3 ” hole is lined up and pressed evenly. (We will catch it in a top stitch later)

Once you have finished pressing, lay the fabric out wrong side (or inside) up and fold each side in so they meet. Should be about 3 1/2″ in for each. Press again.(See photo below)

Fold each side down and pin several times to stabilize.. (See photo below) I got a little snap happy and took the photo before I placed all my pins. Typically, I place 3 pins on the top and 3 pins on the bottom.

Stitch a 1/4″ top stitch down both sides. Make sure that you are using a strong enough needle to pierce through several layers of fabric.

Get your ruler and a fabric pen or chalk and mark 3″ in on both sides.

Stitch where you drew the lines, make sure to back stitch. ( Do not sew all the way down) See photos below

 Get your 6″ x 3″ piece and slip it in the middle opening. (check the outer side of your fabric to ensure the fabric is facing the correct direction if you are working with printed or fabric that has words.)

Push down all the way in the center opening, stitch across center portion only.

This is what you should have so far… :)

Now, like I previously stated, I am using kamsnap pliers. I originally tried the little snaps that you hammer in, UGH… nightmare. LOL Now, if you have success with those little buggars, GO for it… use what you have… it will still be totally cute!   (Let me clarify, I have in no way been compensated in any form to advertise kamsnap. They offer a reliable product is all.)

I placed my wallet on my ruler and found the center and placed a dot with my fabric pen.

Take your awl and puncture the area where you placed the “dot.”

Push snaps through and follow the directions from the kamsnap website.

Fold left side in then the right side.. (see photos below)

Fold the bottom up to meet the top. (See below) I recommend filling your tea wallet with the bags, sweeteners or creamers before placing the second snap. You want to be sure that you are able to close the wallet. 😀

Done… Done… Done! Cute huh! These make perfect gifts for all the tea lovers in your life. :)


Please do not take this tutorial and make it your own. If you’d like to link to it feel free but please link it back to my site. This is a FREE tutorial for PERSONAL use only! If you’d like to make these to sell in any way; please contact me first so that we can discuss the terms. Thank you in advance. Registered & Protected

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